Open Source Project
based on the Original
by neo Software GmbH

This site is dedicated to the development of "The Clue!". The game was originally developed by ...and avoid panic by and got published by the Austrian company neo Software, also known today as Rockstar Vienna.

Soon after the game was made available to the OpenSource community, several people started to work on their own ports. Today, there are different versions for Win32 and Linux available, and certain people have broken the licensing contract by keeping their changes for themselves. This situation is exactly what OpenSource is NOT about!

Here we offer the complete sources for an SDL port of the game.

Future site updates may include game modding information, cheats and other related material.

News: Rockstar Vienna redesigned their website and removed the classics section, the forum and everything related to neo Software GmbH. Face the fact that good-old neo is dead :(

News: Thomas / Antares Design set up a new forum on his server. He's the author of the native Win32 port and has been most active on the old Rockstar forum. So get on board, everybody!


Latest version: 0.1d (2003-12-04)

The source code and Win32 binary are available from the Download page.
Visit the Project Summary and Public Forums for more information.

The current version needs an installation of the Profidisk version!

Other game download locations:
The Clue! (English)

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